Creating Picture-Perfect Memories

Creating Picture-Perfect Memories

The Top Pre Wedding Photoshoot Poses for 2024

Hello everyone!

It seems that either you are planning to get hitched or on the verge of that is the reason you are here in this blog today looking for pre wedding shoot poses.

As everyone knows, getting married comes with hundreds of things that we must take care of and in the current generation one more thing is added up which is getting the right poses for your photoshoot.

In this blog, we will help you figure that out. 

Pre Wedding shoot is an important trend among couples and trust me it’s kind of a serious business also. 

Spending the whole day with your soon-to-be partner and getting the right poses with them seems like the right blend of love and hate relationships.

But we are here to help you!

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The Backward Hug

The backward hug pose depicts a lovely connection between you and your partner. The best way to do this is to keep the man in the backward position if he is larger and he can keep his hands around you.

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The Forehead Touch Pose

There's something so tender and loving about the forehead touch pose. It's like saying, "I've got your back, always." This pose exudes warmth and trust, and it's perfect for capturing those quiet, heartfelt moments between you and your soon-to-be spouse.

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Just Stand And Pose

Did you know that simply standing with your other half before a wedding can also be considered a pose! Yes, but it’s important to choose an aesthetic location before you do this. Standing with your loved one while your hands are locked

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Sit Down And Smile

One of the most popular poses is just to sit down, look at your partner, and smile at each other. To make this more fun, you can also crack a very funny or very bad joke, no matter if it should just make your other half smile.

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The Cuddle Pose

Who doesn’t love to cuddle but only in private? Well, not anymore, a little PDA photo doesn’t harm any, and that to its your pre-wedding shoot. Simply find a simple yet close cuddle post for your photoshoot and don’t forget just be comfortable. Everyone present in that setting is there to celebrate you and your upcoming wedding, so don’t worry and simply feel loved with your partner.

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A Dramatic Twirling Pose

The outcome of this picture can look straight from the sets of Sanjay Leela Bhansali, no we are not kidding. The right background and clothes can literally make this happen and this will just blow your social media when you post this. Simply, let loose and twirl in the direction of your partner and enjoy.

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Just Lean In

Another very simple yet stylish pose that you can just lean onto your partner. This can be done while you are either sitting or standing but make sure that you both should look comfortable. You can use a few hand gestures in this while just leaning on your loved one.

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The Running Shot

Spending some fun time with your partner can be the best part of the photoshoot. Simply be yourself, run a little in nature, and let your photographer capture candid moments with your loved one.

Let Your Back Face The Camera

Not every pose needs to be facing the camera, some poses can also be while you are facing the back. Simple share some candid moments with your partner while you are facing your back and let your photographer pick the right direction of the pose.

Bollywood inspired pose

Pick your favorite Bollywood pose and try it on your pre wedding photoshoot. This can be anything from your favorite movie or an actor’s favorite pose that both of you can recreate. Our most preferred pick is from SRK’s movies, trust us you will love it too.

Prewedding Photoshoot 19

Look Into Your Partner’s Eyes

It’s time for some soul-searching in your partner's eyes. Well, this can be a little awkward but an amazing way to strengthen the bond between you too. Simply, leave everything else behind and look into your partner’s eyes and think about the lovely future you both hold.

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Love Amid Natural Splendors

Being amidst nature with your partner while you are indulging in your pre-wedding photoshoot can be really mesmerising. It’s like you are spending the whole day knowing each other on a deeper level which is also important for compatibility. So, the perfect backdrop for your pre-wedding photoshoot is nothing better than a natural backdrop.

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The Candid Laugh

Sometimes, the best photos are the ones captured in the moment. Share a genuine laugh with your partner, whether it's from a silly joke or a spontaneous tickle fight. These candid shots capture the essence of your relationship in its most natural form.

Remember, the key to a successful pre wedding photoshoot is to relax, have fun, and let your love shine through. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add your own personal touches to make the photos truly unique to your relationship!

Well, a pre wedding photoshoot can be hectic for some and a piece of cake for others but Rustic Villa can make your whole experience lovely. Straight out of nature’s backdrop, Rustic Villa is the perfect space for all the couples out there looking for a space that is not made up but actually provides and experience for soon to be married couples.


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