Capturing Timeless Memories

Capturing Timeless Memories

Why Rustic Villas Reign as the Best Pre Wedding Photoshoot Location.

Before you step into your happily ever after, let’s get into the madness of pre-weddings, an absolute must-have thing to do before your D-day! 

Yes! A pre-wedding photoshoot has become the perfect appetizer before the main course of tying the knot! And we at Rustic Villas give you the perfect mix of love and laughter at our location.

You might have already chosen your pre-wedding photographer. However, selecting the perfect spot for the shoot can be tricky with so many exciting yet confusing options. 

But fear not! You don’t have to go too far to have your dream pre-wedding destination. 

With numerous options, Rustic Villas stands out with its captivating location, nature as a backdrop, intimate spaces, and versatile themes, resonating with the authenticity of your journey. Are you thinking of a pre-wedding shoot in Gujarat? We’ve got you covered.

Located near Anand & Ahmedabad, this destination is a retreat for couples photoshoots, providing the perfect excuse to sneak away and create extra special moments to cherish for a lifetime.

Planning your photoshoot can be an intricate process, and the location must resonate with you & your partner’s journey.

Since it depends on several factors, we at Rustic Villa, recommend the best pre-wedding location in Gujarat; visit our Instagram page, gather those inspirations, and identify themes that beautifully capture the essence of your story.

Rustic villa estate 35
Rustic villa estate 58

Why should you choose us?

When we think about choosing our location, the first thing that comes to our mind is that we want someplace that’s nearby, to avoid the fuss of traveling in the middle of the wedding prep. We also want a beautiful place, with different settings to capture the most of it. It’s an important component to have a versatile place to express our individuality and emotions freely.

Rustic Villa has 54+ backdrop sets all over the property filled with lush green and several architectural features which are aesthetically pleasing. They are well designed and created to have a comfortable atmosphere for couples. The sets can also be customized according to the couple’s interests & significance. We have one of the largest backdrop sets in India. 

Along with the settings, we have 456+ beautiful flora & fauna varieties, which will blow up your mind. We take pride in having a massive natural backdrop, adding a touch of nature in every picture.

Everything you see around the property is well maintained & taken care of; the surrounding gives you positive and calming vibes instantly.

To date, we have captured 2548+ mesmerizing stories and continue to add more memories at Rustic Villa.

Prewedding Photoshoot 12
italian lake setting 15

What Will You Expect To Find At Rustic Villa?

We as humans want to capture & document everything about our special moments as much as we can. But trust us, before thinking of it as a shoot, think of it as when you look back at these memories you’ll want to see yourself as organic as you can! So spend your time together, have fun, be yourselves, & enjoy each other’s company. 

This is exactly what you’ll find at Rustic Villa, it just won’t be a photoshoot but an experience of pure bliss and joy of being with your partner, making sweet memories that you’ll never let slip.

These are few of our set ups:

tropical riverside 1

Fairytale Setting:

What is your definition of a perfect fairytale setting? A lake, boat, flowers, you in a nicely dressed gown with the love of your life! Yes, it does sound like a fairytale, but trust us, everything is possible at Rustic Villa.

Rustic villa estate 40

Adventurous Horse Ride:

Always dreamt of riding a horse with your soon-to-be partner? Well, other than a very interesting activity, the horse in your photoshoot can make people go gaga over your photos. We at Rustic Villa have the perfect setting for a romantic horse riding session with your loved ones, and that too while you are getting clicked.

italian lake setting 11

The Classic setup:

Portrait photography is the best trend that's going around. It's a classic style filled with elegance & timeless manner. The white gazebo is one of the best highlights of our studio. All the details and the classic setup at Rustic Villa say it all.

tropical riverside 12

Effortless shots:

We all want our pictures to be effortless and beautiful, and here, with the backdrop of the natural setting makes it even more authentic and serene. Don't miss the chance to capture this carefree, joyous, moment of your love story at Rustic Villas.


Want to have a cozy night set up in the middle of the forest? Rustic Villa has got you covered! You don't have to roam around here and there for such an intimate setting in the woods, sharing a moment by the fire, & the lights are the paid actors, for sure! 😛

So, that was all about finding your best pre wedding shoot location in Gujarat.

At Rustic Villa, we will make sure that you will get a vibe that is unmatched and nothing like you’ve ever seen before. 

From romantic setups to adventurous rides, Rustic Villa has a lot to offer. Couples who want everything natural & pleasant in one location should consider Rustic Villa. Make our location the captivating chapter where your pre-wedding story unfolds into a symphony of cherished memories, waiting to be re-lived again and again.

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