Nature here is set to give you butterflies all around. The cinematic arena filled with greenery is all set to attract your eyes, your body, and your soul for a beautiful moment to be captured with your loved one. Here at Rustic Villa, it's not just about a Pre-Wedding Shoot, it's about the process of falling in love while being in a beautiful backstory.

Explore the arena, listen to the sound of love, follow the smell of blooming flowers, and station yourself where you feel like. Because it's not every day you get to wander around in dreamland with your partner. Make it a special one for your special one. Come and create memories. We are here to capture the moment!



Displaying the work of art is not an easy task. But with a picturesque area of Rustic Villa spread around the land makes the hard work visible. Capturing the beauty with a natural setup creates a more meaningful impact. Convey your work of art through the lens with an alluring background, divine horizon, and a wide range of indoor-outdoor photography ideas.



Welcoming a new life with your loved one is the greatest feeling of all. And capturing the beautiful moment with a beautiful scene is a feeling to cherish forever. The soothing environment comforts the baby, and the sound of birds chirping calms them. The luscious green grass tickles your feet and the aesthetically constructed lake provides you with a serene background.