The Rustic Villa

Rustic Villa, a land of beautiful memories, is situated on the outskirts of Anand, filled with endless luscious green areas for your ideas and creativity to stand out. The picture-perfect place for pre-wedding, fashion photography, filmmaking, maternity photography, and many other activities.

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Our Portfolio


We truly make your photo shoot the best day ever with our cinematic views, unique props, and a variety of architectural features.

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Textile Shoot

To complement your stunning outfits, we at Rustic Villa bring the perfectly balanced magic of enchanting beauty and scenic peace!

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Maternity Shoot

A baby is one of life's greatest gifts. Enhance your maternity shoot and make it more memorable with Rustic Villa's exquisite setup.

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Our Sets

Our Set 2

Rustic Villa Estate

At the Rustic Villa property, you have a variety of options according to your photography ideas. A household feel with a beautifully designed brick house layout to cover your in-house shoot.

Our Set 3

Italian Lake Gardens

This Italian lake property is the closest you will find to blue heaven. It has been meticulously cared for and in top shape, with everything you could ever need to create beautiful outdoor images.

Our Set 5

Tropical Riverside

The Tropical River Property brings you to a Kerala Themed River, which is never ending just like your love for your partner. Sit on a boat and enjoy the journey while creating beautiful memories.

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